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Hôtel Restaurant du Vieux Pont
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First and foremost, this is a woman’s affair. It started with Maria, the grandmother; then Marcelle, the mother, then Nicole and Michèle, the daughters. All were determined to do things well,  be ahead of their times without forgetting traditions, and keep their body and soul rooted in the environment where they were born. It used to be a family inn owned by the parents and grandparents, well-known for its local cuisine. Today, it’s all about what’s good in Aveyron. “Our village and our family gave us the love of people and things, the taste of what’s nice and good, of what’s essential and of joie de vivre. The family house would be filled with savoury smells. Our tender years taught us the art of eating well and living well.” In 1983, Nicole took over the family restaurant. Michèle joined her a few years later to take care of the dining room and reception. Nicole shares her passion for cuisine with her husband Bruno Rouquier. Together, they run the kitchen at Restaurant du Vieux Pont. In 1994, they opened a 7-room hotel and guesthouse on the left bank…

Belcastel’s bridge, the unchanging landmark

Beautiful Belcastel’s bridge is a landmark, a pivotal point, a major component in the Fagegaltier-Rouquier family. It is a link between the hotel and the restaurant,  between the past and today, between flavours from here and from elsewhere, between guests and the family…